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This is the annual National Science and Technology Festival! On the morning of January 10, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council solemnly held a national science and technology award conference in Beijing, where Xi Jinping and other party and state leaders attended and presented awards to award-winning delegates.


Huang Xuhua and Zeng Qingcun won the highest honors of China's science and technology industry in 2019; the first prize of the National Natural Science Award, which had been vacant for nine times, was awarded for seven consecutive years. Perspective 2019 National Science and Technology Award, the tide of scientific and technological innovation is more surging, to achieve the goal of building an innovative country is full of confidence.


Wu Wenjun, Yuan Longping, Wang Xuan, Huang Kun... The names of one scientific giant after another sparkled with this list of honors. Applause, inspired by a great breakthrough in the light of the ages; flowers, reflected in the history of the times.


Since 1999, a total of 33 outstanding scientists have been awarded the nation's highest scientific and technological awards, and they have explained the core of the spirit of scientists in the new era with their own actions.


The 2019 National Supreme Science and Technology Award was awarded to Academician Huang Xuhua of the Seventh Institute of the China Shipbuilding Group and Academician Zeng Qingcun of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Born in 1926, Huang Xuhua, who walked through youth and youth in the midst of gunfire and turmoil, is determined to save the country scientifically. For the cause of the motherland's nuclear submarine, he incognito, to allow the country,30 years away from home. Huang said he knew it would be his lifelong career as soon as he took part in the development of a nuclear submarine.


There are no ready-made drawings and models designed and constructed on the same side; no computer to calculate the core data, using the abacus and the scale; and to control the total weight and stability of the nuclear submarines, using the scale.


Huang xuhua and his colleagues solved cutting-edge technical problems in the most \"earthy\" way, making china the fifth country in the world to have a nuclear submarine, and the vast maritime territory has since had the \"underwater moving wall\" to protect the land.


Startling, acting as a covert celebrity. \"When the motherland needs me to flow blood, I will flow blood; when the motherland needs me a drop of blood, I will flow!\" said Huang Xuhua.


The semi-implicit difference method proposed by Zeng Qingcun is the first method in the world to carry out the actual weather forecast directly with the original equation, which is still the basis of the core technology of the world numerical weather forecast.


In 2009, mr. tseng, an elderly man, continued to have \"golden ideas \", and he joined other scientists in the idea of creating\" earth simulators \". In 2018, the state's major science and technology infrastructure, the Earth system numerical simulation device, broke ground in Beijing's Huairou Science City, and will provide scientific support for major issues such as national disaster prevention and mitigation and response to climate change.


Mr tsang has always put \"national needs\" on his lips and mind, and he has often used one sentence to encourage and demand himself:\" to serve the people, to die for the truth, to be a ox-style and to have a horse racing spirit.\"


chiral molecules are active components of most drugs. These molecules have two isomers, like the human right hand, mirror each other, but do not overlap, and thus have distinct biological activities: one is effective and the other can cause serious harm to the human body. Asymmetrical catalysis is now the dominant means of obtaining the \"that \"that works, and its core is the chiral catalyst.


For 20 years, zhou qilin, a professor at the school of chemistry at nankai university, led the team to find a chiral spiro-o-cyclic catalyst, a catalyst molecule that converts 4.55 million raw material molecules into target molecules, the most efficient chiral catalyst at present.


At the science and technology awards conference, zhou's team's discovery was awarded the first prize of the national natural science award, the first prize of the national natural science award, which has been vacant for nine times, has now been awarded the second prize of the national natural science award for seven consecutive years.


Basic research is the general source of scientific and technological innovation. Since the 18th National Congress of the Party, our country has further strengthened its sustained and stable support for basic research through a series of reforms. The number of scientific and technological papers, an important measure of basic research, has grown steadily, ranking second in the world for many years.


“do a good job of basic research, fashion is not good, with the hot spot is not good, need to" ten years of grinding a sword, dare to sit on the bench "spirit. Academician Hou Zengqian, deputy director of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, said that basic research should not only focus on free exploration driven by scientific interest, but also focus on the major needs of the country and solve the major basic problems behind it.


Hou zengqian led the research team after more than ten years of dedicated research on the \"collision porphyry copper ore-forming theory \", in this science and technology award conference won the national natural science award second prize, this theory has greatly developed and improved the international ore deposit academic classical porphyry copper theory, greatly broadened the global porphyry copper exploration area, and by tibet and other places to find a new breakthrough in copper, for the exploration of copper copper to provide a strong theoretical support.


What is more gratifying is that young scientific and technological workers have become the mainstay in the field of basic research in China and the most dynamic new force in the ranks of scientific and technological innovation. The data show that in 2019, the average age of the people who completed the National Natural Science Award, the average age of the first completed person, was 2 years lower than in 2018, and more than 60% of the completed people were under 45.


This year's award-winning results range from key technologies in semiconductor lighting to innovative achievements in water pollution prevention and soil remediation to the treatment of complications and security on the tip of the tongue ”…… By keeping close to economic development and people's livelihood, and focusing on quasi-scientific and technological innovation, we can make technology closer to the masses and truly benefit the people.


Semiconductor lighting with LED as the core device is considered to be the second lighting revolution after incandescent lamps, with an electro-optic conversion efficiency of five times that of fluorescent lamps and 20 times that of incandescent lamps.


After more than ten years of joint technological innovation, the Li Jinmin research team of the Institute of Semiconductor Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has taken the lead in breaking through the key technology of semiconductor lighting with full chain autonomy and controllable, and realizing the world's largest LED chip industrialization.


“The key technology and industrialization of the whole process control of clean production and water pollution in pulping and paper making project has constructed a new mode of water pollution whole process control combining clean production and end treatment.


From the basic research of pollution mechanism to the innovation achievements in air quality control, water pollution prevention, soil remediation and so on, the support has led to the development of green high quality.


To treat systemic lupus erythematosus, nanjing gulou hospital sun lingyun research team for 18 years, the first allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells (msc) transplantation treatment, the establishment of msc transplantation for the treatment of autoimmune optimal program, has been extended to more than 30 hospitals nationwide, to ensure the health of the people to make outstanding contributions.


In view of the poor quality stability and weak control of harmful substances in the traditional characteristic meat industry, Wang Shouwei research team of China Meat Food Comprehensive Research Center has made a series of technical breakthroughs after 12 years to promote the transformation of traditional characteristic meat products to the processing mode of \"quality orientation control-safety and high efficiency control-green automation \".


Innovation is the most distinct endowment of the Chinese nation and an indispensable spiritual trait of any era. An innovative China, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, will surely launch a powerful engine of scientific and technological innovation and take advantage of the wind and waves to advance courageously towards the grand goal of building a world scientific and technological power!