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After a tense half-month run, on January 4, the 2019 Honor of Kings Winter Champions Cup Finals, witnessed by the event's designated sponsor PUMA Puma, began at the Guangzhou Stadium, with QG happy and eStar Pro two KPL veteran teams of the year.


The king's mock winter championship finals ignited the scene first, following the king's mock first tournament, the official launch of the group (3-man first team) form of the new competition, the final RW club won the championship, they played in the lineup, an ID for the Nalan hand of the female player to play.


In the Winter Championship finals, eventually QGhappy beat his opponent in the top-of-the-table 4-3 to win the Ice Phoenix Cup, making up for the regret of the 2019 KPL autumn, becoming the first \"five-crown king\" of Honor of Kings, and QGhappy team player Fly was elected to the Winter Champions Cup FMVP.


This year's winter crown selection and elimination stage was held in the macao special administrative region, bringing a long-lost grand e-sports event to the macao audience, and the final is moved to guangzhou to create a continuous e-sports event for the big bay area.


Guangzhou, as one of the earliest import and export trade cities in china, has a unique temperament in many cities: it is not only the best reserved area for chinese traditional culture such as lion dance and martial arts, but also an open, tolerant and modern city with international vision.


The opening performance of this winter crown finals, with 40×14 meters of size comparable to the screen film "screen" as a physical carrier, with the way of projection for the audience to create a pleasing audiovisual experience.


The ice and fire in the floor screen of the finals continued to flow into the heart of the winter crown on the screen, and the heart of the winter crown gradually emerged complete with the sound of the bitter wind and the waves of the fluorescent rods wielded by the audience. Symbolizing the ice and fire energy of the two teams of the Finals, the fierce collision went straight to the sky, and then brought out the earth's recovery, spring, summer, autumn and winter four seasons and the wonderful moment of Honor of Kings event, reappeared in the company of the corresponding hero in the game, leading the audience to review the unforgettable time of the year.


As the hometown of Huang Feihong and Ye Man, many Chinese enlightened characters of modern martial arts, Dawan District has a high degree of similarity to the inheritance of martial arts and the spirit of e-sports. As a symbol of the last eight of the winter crown, wusheng also performed his fists on the stage of the finals: they combined the Cantonese opera with the expression of modern art, and recounted the course of the winter crown with the lion dance with the characteristics of the Lingnan region, with the form of the local culture of the Great Bay Area, and thus led to the two teams participating in the finals.


The eStar Pro and QGhappy, who meet on the stage of the Winter Championship Finals, are old-fashioned strong teams in KPL, with a huge number of fans and the team's every move that touches the hearts of countless spectators.


The eStar Pro veteran returned Alan to the starting game, the first inning of the eStar Pro to take the first tyrant, and then the cat god King Zhaojun killed the QG happy Zhang Fei to take a bloody, early to get the advantage to snowball. The decisive regiment eStar Pro first demolished the upper two highland towers, the blood consumption in the process of pushing the tower caused the regiment to lose the battle, but the military line pressed into the highlands, the promise of Ma Chao decisively withdrew the regiment single-player line to push off the residual blood crystal, won the first game.


The second game QG happy early middle road Mojo's GanJiang Moye accurate kill Chen Zhengzheng unknown fire dance, get the master quickly pushed off the third road tower, firmly grasp the pre-and mid-term advantage. eStar Pro captures the flaw in QGhappy's upland, and the Cat Gods, unaware of the fire dance twice round the back to kill GanJiang Moye, defused the offensive. QG happy quickly adjusted the state, the regiment fought out one for three smoothly pushed to the high ground, homeopathy group out of the opponent point crystal, back to a game.


The third inning began, QG happy's Xiao Sun Tze took a blood, but the team invaded the wild area to lose, was seized by eStar Pro to kill Yang Jian by taking the tyrant. Midway Battle eStar Pro Zero-for-three won the battle, and pushed the two towers in a row to gain full initiative. The decisive group without Ming Dun Shan back to the perfect two, QG happy only Wang Zhaojun difficult to guard the home, eStar Pro next city.


The two teams fought to midfield, and Xue Burt, the stand-out \"telephonist\" from The Instant, came to the stage to bring to the stage his 2019 Winter Champions Cup war song for the winter crown,\" The Kings Without Borders,\" and \"Godlike.\" The lyrics that fit the theme of the winter crown led the audience to review the final two teams all the way to the final stage, the shock of the electric sound like a sharp blade cut through the ice, with a game hero Sun Shangxiang's \"send you a grand exit, thanks to this lady's big grace bar,\" immersed in the music of the audience thoughts back to continue the contest.


The game went into the second half, and the two teams pulled very hard in the fourth inning. Starting with eStar Pro invading rival Bluefield, it was taken down by QGhappy's Shen Mengxi, and QGhappy took down the tyrant and established an early advantage. Mid-term QG happy through snowball to establish a three-line advantage, full control of the field. After the eStar Pro up the heights of error, the final QG happy Fly to open the first group to play zero for five to win the regiment, straight crystal again turned the situation to level the score.


The fifth inning before the start of the eStar Pro personnel rotation, the winter elimination of the meritorious did not want to replace Alan. The beginning of the eStar Pro flower sea Li Bai anti-blue success and take the first tyrant. Mid-term QG happy seize the opportunity four dozen three, zero for two to win the regiment battle and then take the dark tyrant, reverse the situation. After the eStar Pro although the master, but by the opponent again zero for five, QG happy with the perfect team successfully turned the game, two innings to grab the match point.


At the beginning of the sixth game, eStar Pro faced great psychological pressure to boldly choose the direct anti-red, no Ming Taiyi Primordial team-mate, kill Su Li took a blood, to gain early advantage, eight minutes QG happy only the remaining three high tower. Although the late eStar Pro had two consecutive regiment losses and was relieved by the 1dao-Galo output, the deciding group eStar Pro two for five won the regiment battle, straight through crystal stubbornly back to drag QGapy to the top of the showdown.


In the top-of-the-table showdown, the two teams have only the same lineup of Pangu, the rest of the players have come out of their own good lineup. The start of the small-scale regiment war, eStar Pro got a blood, but then QG happy continued to open the regiment, the first to push off the opponent three-way tower, to gain an advantage. Mid-term QG happy five people continue to hold groups, even take advantage of ancient biological expansion. Finally QG happy with the economic advantage of two for four, a wave straight up the high point to drop the crystal, to win.


The 2019 Honor of Kings winter crown cup field, the fierce confrontation spark unceasingly. Team at home and abroad took the lead in changing the latest German sporting brand PUMA in 2020, foot the new RIDER and RS-X shoes, the performance of the e-sports stage on the street trend. It is reported that the title of the # crack online # series - Honor of Kings Winter Champions Cup contestants have been fully launched.


Witnessed by tens of thousands of spectators at the Guangzhou Stadium, members of the QGhappy team lifted the Ice Phoenix Cup to cap the top event in Honor of Kings for all of 2019.


2019 is a major year for an all-round upgrade of the Honor of Kings competition system, with an overseas competition, the World Champions Cup, and the home of the new team city, giving global mobile e-sports enthusiasts a year-round audiovisual feast.


As the lunar new year approaches in winter and spring, the king's glory top event will usher in a new year, with the establishment of the international e-sports federation, the level of e-sports sports, regionalization has deepened, and more cities and spectators will be able to watch Honor of Kings top events at home in the future. With the new home team, can pass the good results for the home crowd to bring honor? I'll see you in spring!


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