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For modern young people, life, work, feelings and other aspects of the pressure is becoming more and more, and all kinds of emotional types of app also came into being. Many apps claim they can help users solve emotional problems.


According to upstream news reports, a post-90s woman Liu Yin (alias) spent 5800 yuan on the \"fawn emotion\" app to try to recover the last relationship, but, two months later, the feelings did not recover, the other side also refused to refund. Liu Yin bluntly felt that she had been cheated.


In september 2019, she stumbled upon an ad for the \"fawn emotion\" app, saying it could provide emotional recovery services and had many success stories before downloading the app.


\"Feiyang emotional\" team \"mentor\" Anton told her that as long as the \"mentor \", the success rate is very high, the recovery rate of 98%, a cycle can be effective. Anton says they have a professional \"separation mentor\" to help clients.


\"We'll teach you how to operate as long as you listen to us,\" Anton told Liu. After you study with me, I can (arrange the course) at any time. You're not my student right now, so many tricks don't tell you.\"


After the initial communication with the \"mentor \", on October 26,2019, Liu Yin spent 5800 yuan on the\" Deer emotion \"platform to purchase the\" broken mirror circle (high-end recovery)\" service, with a service cycle of 30 days.


Within 48 hours after payment,\" Feiyang emotion \"team\" mentor \"Anton built 4 people WeChat group,\" mentor\" Anton is the group owner, in addition to Liu Yin, there are 2 microsignals named \"deer \".


In the first 48 hours, Anton took the initiative to report progress, booing and telling her to wait patiently. Two days after the payment, Liu Yin slowly noticed the unusual, the progress of the situation needs its own inquiry, Anton reply.


Liu said that paying for more than two months,\" mentor \"just added WeChat, sent her a few pictures involving her ex-husband. Asked about the recovery, Anton said it would be possible to do the trick, but the service would have to pay extra. Liu thought she had been cheated.


On November 21,2019, Liu Yin received a reply from the \"Little Deer emotion\" platform: after verification, the certificate provided by the user and our investigation, the team did not violate the law. In addition, the customer refund request has already exceeded the agreement for 48 hours, because we consider that the user has not exceeded the prescribed service time, to help users get a maximum return of $2800 caring compensation amount. Unable to meet other refund requests.


Liu Yin's experience is not isolated. In 2018, Henan woman Xiaobing (alias) said she spent more than 20,000 yuan before and after the first half of 2018, buying the \"recovery ex-boyfriend program\" service twice through the \"fawn emotion\" platform, according to the surging news. At that time, the platform's \"emotional mentor\" repeatedly promised to be effective for two months, the recovery rate is close to 100%. Unexpectedly two months later, the ex-boyfriend did not recover, the refund is also difficult to achieve, fell into two empty.


To find out, every time you try to download the \"fawn emotion\" app (microsignal: nbdnews), after opening the app, the platform first requires users to choose gender and age, and then jump to the \"custom home content\" interface to ask users to choose their concerns.


After entering the front page, each small editor (microsignal: nbdnews) found that the app is rich in content, not only a large number of love and other skills of the article, but also the current popular live broadcast, small video and other content.


In \"consultants \", each time the microsignal (nbdnews) found the above mentioned\" break-up recovery \"of the\" flying emotion. \"Feiyang emotion\" in the profile:\"10 years of recovery experience, senior experience, high-level recovery experts.\"


As for the \"breakup recovery\" service charge provided by \"feiyang emotion \", per microsignal (nbdnews) noticed that the service charge is divided into three prices, which are 3000 yuan,6800 yuan and 9800 yuan respectively.


And in other \"star teams \", each microsignal (nbdnews) found that a team called\" heart-to-heart \"provided a\" marriage recovery | marriage repair \"service as high as 12988 yuan.


\"He just caught you in the most vulnerable moments and let you give money. Wan wei, director of the professional committee for marriage and family affairs of the hunan provincial bar association, said that in general,\" deer emotion \"users are mostly paying for things that are not suitable for making decisions, and the transactions are uncontracted, and the so-called\" compound \"cannot be quantified.


According to its official website,\" deer emotion \"belongs to Beijing Meizu Power Education Consulting Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as\" Meizu Power \"), is China's emotional psychology and marriage and family industry in the leading Internet enterprises, through the content and service platform, service more than 12 million registered users.


It is worth noting that from January 2019 to November 2019, Meizu Power was listed on the abnormal list of operations by the Chaoyang District Market Supervision Bureau of Beijing four times because of the situation of \"unable to contact through registered residence or business premises \".


As the founder of \"fawn emotion,\" the 1985 witches graduated from Kelley School of Business, Indiana University and earned a degree in finance, economics and public policy with the highest honors, according to media reports. He was acquired by Wells Fargo after he worked for Morgan Stanley, a Wall Street investment bank, and founded Universal Processing, a credit consumer data processing company.


In March 2015, Meizu Power received angel round investments from Lee and Kong Yi of the True Shun Fund, and in April, a month later, it received a round A investment from Heekin Capital.


In June 2017,\" Deer Emotion \"won the leading fund of Wuhan Science and Technology Investment Company to participate in the investment, becoming the first enterprise in the field of marriage, family and psychological emotion to obtain government-led funds to participate in the investment.


According to the Changjiang Daily,2017\" deer emotion \"operating income of nearly 200 million yuan. In 2018, Mr. Wu also said in an interview that \"over the next five years, revenue of $3 billion,8000 employees and 1 million paying users will be served.\"

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